Build Small Live Large Summit 2017


The Friday conference will convene policymakers with industry professionals to address policy questions and share perspectives from around the country.  The weekend brings the material to life with guided tours of ADUs in Portland and workshops for homeowners and others who are interested in developing an ADU.


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The Build Small Live Large Summit will bring together visionary policy makers and industry thought leaders from around the country to share successful examples of policies and programs that promote the best in design, construction, and financing for ADUs and other small housing types.

  • Finance & Development:  Learn current and potential financing methods that help homeowners pay for ADU financing, permitting, design and construction.

  • Regulation:  Get up to speed with changes in zoning and building codes that have reduced some barriers to building ADUs, and learn what challenges remain ahead.

  • Affordability:  Explore how ADUs may contribute to housing affordability, both in the market and through strategic subsidies to serve low income people and households.

  • Sustainability:  Examine how ADUs can support our climate sustainability goals, as we look to add infill housing with access to transit and create healthy, more equitable communities.

  • Design & Construction:  See and get the inside scoop on beautiful, functional and affordable ADU designs, including the possibilities for modular and kit ADUs.

  • Age-Friendly Design:  Most people want to age in their homes, and ADUs could offer that option with accessible designs.

  • Equity & Inclusion:  Explore how ADUs may serve as a tool to meet housing needs where people want to live. ADUs may offer stable and affordable choices at a time when communities nationwide are facing skyrocketing rents and home prices.

  • Tiny House Villages: Learn about innovative programs that use tiny homes to provide secure, humane housing for those experiencing houselessness.