Tiny Homes for the Houseless

Nov 03 2017
3:30 pm
Concurrent Session

R. Scott Mitchell

Gigante AG

Sofia Borges


Mary Li

Multnomah Idea Lab (MIL)

Tiny Homes for the Houseless

Cities experiencing booming populations and skyrocketing housing prices are also facing the challenge of caring for an increasing numbers of citizens experiencing houselessness. These cities need new models for affordable housing that can move quickly, integrate into the existing landscape, and provide a safe and stable place for people to get back on their feet. Innovators from around the country are using “tiny houses” grouped into villages as a new way to support houseless individuals. Learn from three organizations using tiny houses as a new and more nimble way to provide community-based transitional housing to our most vulnerable citizens.


Sophia Borges, MADWORKSHOP
Mary Li, Multnomah Idea Lab (MIL)
R. Scott Mitchell, Gigante AG