Tiny Houses in the Park Open for Touring

Nov 03 2017
7:30 am
South Park Blocks

Tiny Houses in the Park Open for Touring

See five examples of inspiring small space designs in person, in the South Park Blocks just outside the Portland State University Smith Center all day! Free and open to the public, anyone can stop by and tour these mobile tiny homes any time between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm during the Build Small Live Large Summit on Friday, November 3rd.

Thanks to these fine home builders for bringing their work to the Summit!

TruForm Tiny Houses

See TruForm Tiny’s work in person, then use their online customization tool to build a design of your own!

Modern Dwellings PDX

Tour this sleek shipping container home with floating stairs to a roof deck from Modern Dwellings!

Real Wood Tiny Homes

See a house from Real Wood Tiny Homes with unique “Camel Water Conservation and Recycling Systems” to reuse rainwater and graywater for non-potable water use.

Tiny Mountain Houses

Tiny Mountain Houses emphasizes craftsmanship, comfort, and affordability to reach people in various economic situations and stages of life.

St. Helens High School

Students in Joe Mauck’s building and construction class at St. Helens High School have been hard at work constructing a house on wheels and are ready to show it off!