We’re excited to announce the 2015 Building Small Live Large Summit, coming November 6th, 2015!  This unique one-day educational event connects home-seekers, design and construction professionals and policy-makers who are leading the market to create beautiful space-efficient homes.

The first Summit, organized in 2012 by the Oregon DEQ Space Efficient Housing Workgroup and Cascadia Green Building Council, brought together innovative architects, builders, and future thinkers to share their best and most creative space-efficient projects. Like the first day of school, it was a day packed with learning and networking in an atmosphere charged with excitement. Finally, there was a forum for market leaders in small space design to share what was working, and to help each other satisfy the growing market demand for compact housing.

After over 95% of surveyed participants at the Summit said that they would attend the next event, Portland Alternative Dwellings along with Metro and the Space Efficient Housing Workgroup have been working hard to bring you Build Small Live Large 2015. Interest in the tiny and small house movement has skyrocketed since 2012, as Millennials and Baby Boomers alike are looking for affordable, community-connected and environmentally-responsible housing. Many are catching on to the fact that building small is one of the best ways to make all those things happen.

Our keynote speakers, Alan Durning and Dee Williams, will set the day off right with an inspiring look at the personal, environmental and community benefits of living in a small footprint. Then the Summit Program will dive into individual sessions about successful examples of small space and cluster community design, creation, and policy. Our speakers are working at the leading edge of the market for space-efficient housing, and there’s no better place than Build Small Live Large 2015 to learn the latest about this design and lifestyle niche as it explodes in popularity.

Leading up to the summit, we’ll be sharing informative guest blog posts and sample projects from our great roster of Summit speakers, as well as additional resources any small space fan will find helpful. These first blog posts are all from the very best resource available—Accessorydwellings.org. You are going to want to bookmark this site as it is packed with case studies, calculators, and information about financing your ADU project.

To keep abreast of what we are planning for the Summit, sign up to receive email updates and follow Build Small Live Large on Facebook and Twitter.



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