Find your focus with Build Small session tracks

Follow a track or mix and match


There are so many great presentations planned for Build Small 2019, that we just had to share. We’ve broken down the sessions into tracks, so you can better decide which appeals the most to you. 

Infrastructure Innovations

New housing models couldn’t be built without policy changes. Learn about the latest in housing legislation, zoning updates from people who are writing and changing the codes, and the push for infill projects to create more inclusive neighborhoods.

Adding Value

Create housing that stands out by having lasting appeal. Get the latest on ADU developments in cost and valuation, hear from experts on how to finance your ADU build, and learn about accessible design for all.


Constructing Solutions

Housing trends are most effective when they meet a need. These talks focus on the resurgence of co-housing, temporary housing for those in transition, and how to track the impact of new housing policies in our communities.

Join us at the Build Small Live Large Summit on Thursday, November 7 for a full day of talks by innovative housing leaders, builders, and policymakers, and consider adding a workshop or the bus tour on November 8.

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