Innovative Models for Financing and Developing ADUs

Nov 03 2017
1:30 pm
Concurrent Session
Hillary Seiller portland real estate accessory dwelling units

Hillary Seiler

Umpqua Bank

Tim Miller


Adam Zimmerman


Patrick Quinton


Innovative Models for Financing and Developing ADUs

The majority of people who successfully build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property have a particular set of resources and skills. For homeowners, financing the build and navigating a complicated construction and permitting process can be a part-time job of its own. In order to bring the benefits of ADUs to a greater number of people, we need to create additional tools for financing ADUs and consider new models for ADU development.  The panelists will briefly discuss the current challenges in ADU financing and development, and present innovative ideas to make building an ADU a realistic option for more people.

Moderator: Hillary Seiler, Umqua Bank


Tim Miller, Enhabit
Patrick Quinton, Dweller
Adam Zimmerman, Craft3


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