Jumpstarting Local ADU Markets

Lessons from Vancouver B.C., Portland, Oregon, and across California.
Nov 03 2017
10:45 am
Smith Ballroom
David Foster Habitat

David Foster

Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay

Denise Pinkston

TMG Partners

Jake Fry

Smallworks Studios and
Laneway Housing Inc.

Kol Peterson

Accessory Dwelling Strategies, LLC

Jumpstarting Local ADU Markets

Learn about successful strategies used to grow local accessory dwelling unit (ADU) markets through the removal of regulatory barriers, providing incentives for development, and education for professionals and homeowners.

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of ADUs, but they still remain a very rare housing form in all but a few jurisdictions. This panel represents the efforts within the jurisdictions that have actually achieved the development of ADUs at a meaningful scale. The goal of this session is to draw lessons from the various regulatory and market approaches that can be applied in your own jurisdiction. Speakers will share brief presentations their own markets in State of California, Santa Cruz, CA, Vancouver B.C., and Portland, OR., then take questions from the audience.

This session qualifies for 1 CE for the Oregon Real Estate Agency and 1 Series A CE for the Construction Contractors Board (CCB)


David Foster, Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay
Jake Fry, Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing Inc.
Denise Pinkston, TMG Partners
Kol Peterson, Accessory Dwelling Strategies, LLC