What Type of Small is For You?

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What Type of Small is For You?

Dee Williams

Portland Alternative Dwellings, LLC

Deb Delman

Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel

Eli Spevak.

Orange Splot, LLC

What Type of Small is For You?

The small house movement is rapidly gaining popularity for economic, social, and environmental reasons. This session will help attendees navigate small housing options by comparing the pros and cons of the legal, financial, design and building processes of three popular types of small housing: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), tiny houses on wheels, and cluster communities. Expert presenters will offer case studies, share their own experiences of building and living in small spaces, and answer audience questions. 

Moderator: Deb Delman, Caravan Tiny House Hotel

Kol Peterson, Accessory Dwelling Strategies, LLC,
Dee Williams, PAD Tiny Houses,
Eli Spevak, Orange Splot, LLC