The Design Showcase: A Summit add-on you won’t want to miss!

As if the expertise-packed Build Small Live Large program were not enough, a new element has been added: The Design Showcase. This limited-space event gives innovative architects, designers, builders and others an opportunity to strut their “build small” stuff before an appreciative crowd. 

For attendees, it’s a chance to converse with those who are already practicing the build-small strategy. You’ll pick the brains of professionals who have tested the alternative dwelling waters and have feedback from the real world to share with you. Find your Missing Middle soulmates at the Showcase!

Showcase participants, meantime, will connect with prospective clients, investors, collaborators, and employees, all at no extra fee beyond your Summit registration. Bring your images, books, models, and experiences. We’ll provide everything else you’ll need to make your presentation a winner.

If you’d like to secure a spot to showcase your concepts, please contact Patty Morgan pmorgan.pacificagenda@gmail.com soon since space is limited. The Showcase will run from noon to 1:30 p.m on Nov. 7 in Room 294.

Join the following businesses who have already signed up:

  1. Artisans Group
  2. Green Hammer 
  3. Jack Barnes Architect
  4. Kendra Carson Duong Architect
  5. Modern-Shed, Inc.
  6. RBA
  7. R&B Design Studio
  8. Ross Chapin Architects

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