Be part of the movement to create sustainable and equitable communities by attending Build Small Live Large! This biennial event is where innovators share what’s working in their cities, and promote the best strategies to regulate, design, build, and finance smaller homes and “Missing Middle” housing options.

The 2019 Summit champions more inclusive neighborhoods, showcases more affordable and efficient housing options, and outlines how to get them built in your communities. It brings together policymakers, planners, builders, developers, and real estate and banking institutions to move the housing industry toward smaller footprint living.




Day 1
Nov 07 2019

Welcome/Opening Plenary Presentation

To kick off Build Small, we’ll be envisioning what our neighborhoods and communities will become over the next 5-10 years. We’ll be looking at co-living and multi-family models that have...
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Radical Regulations – Innovative Housing Legislation on the West Coast

Get the latest information on which cities and policymakers are changing the housing legislative landscape to better serve their communities and the demand for more affordable options.     1.25...
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Annie Fryman
Jeff Mapes
Margaret Morales
Taylor Smiley Wolfe

Creative Approaches for Temporary Housing Solutions

Tiny homes and small housing can give people experiencing homelessness a safe place to live while they seek permanent affordable housing. This session will take a look at three different...
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Dan Bryant
Mercedes Elizalde
Alan Evans
Regan Watjus

What’s New with ADUs? Legislation, Development Costs and Valuation

Since 2017, many legislative efforts and entrepreneurial initiatives have brought ADUs to the forefront of the conversation about urban infill housing opportunities within residential areas in cities facing affordable housing...
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Abdur Abdul-Malik
Kol Peterson
Eli Spevak

Keynote: Richard Rothstein

This presentation explodes the myth that individuals, or actions of private institutions like banks and real estate agencies, caused the divide of America’s cities by race. Learn about the forgotten...
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Richard Rothstein

Lunch and Book Club with Richard Rothstein

Join the economic policy historian for some face-to-face time with Richard to discuss his book and the future of the housing landscape.
Richard Rothstein

SRO Revival – A Reemergence of Co-living

Single room occupancy housing was once a widespread housing type that provided an affordable option to the working class until post-WWII social norms led to their closure. Now cities are...
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Sean Hubert

Meeting in the Middle – Effective Zoning Strategies for Missing Middle Housing

This discussion will spotlight code update stories from four diverse jurisdictions of various sizes and geographies across Cascadia, and how they approached zoning for ADUs, plexes, cottage clusters, small multifamily housing, and other innovative housing types.

Leonard Bauer
Elizabeth Decker
Eunice Kim
Zac Moody
Pete Walter

2019: The Year of Progress in ADU Finance Innovation

Transformational changes have been occurring with financing ADUs in 2019. Several financing options have come online this year to reduce the financial barrier to entry for homeowners who wish to...
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Steven Dietz
Larry Ellifritz
Robert Liberty
Rose M. Ojeda
Jack Woodruff

Is this thing working? Measuring the effect of your housing tools and incentives

Code updates, zoning changes, incentives… cities across the country are taking steps to increase the supply of small and middle housing in their communities. But are these measures delivering results?...
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Michael Andersen
Elizabeth Decker
Al Mowbray

Making the Case for More Neighbors: Strategies for Passing “Missing Middle” Housing Legislation

This moderated panel discussion will focus on effective communication and engagement strategies for passing legislation – whether it’s state laws or local zoning ordinances – to enable more missing middle...
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Leonard Bauer
Jo Ann Hardesty
Madeline Kovacs
Dani Madrone
Amelia Templeton

Universal Design – Introducing Accessible Homes in Residential Zones

Over the past few decades, accessibility requirements have infiltrated most parts of our built environment, from commercial spaces to airports to multifamily apartments.  But they generally don’t apply to single...
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Dan Hill
Michelle Glass 
Carmel Perez Snyder
Eli Spevak
Morgan Tracy

Housing Stories and Innovations

Join us to hear five people’s housing journeys into living large in smaller homes. They will share what drew them to a small space, how they managed to scale down,...
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Friday, NOVEMBER 8, 2019
Day 1
Nov 08 2019

Friday Bus Tour: Fasten Your Seat Belts – It’s Been a Bumpy Ride… A Tour of Portland’s Hidden Discriminatory Housing History

Bus tour and facilitated discussion:  There was a time when Oregon was known as the most discriminatory state north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Until 1926, the Oregon Constitution stated it...
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ADU Academy

Register here: (Separate registration is required.) ADU Academy is an educational event about ADUs for industry professionals. Specifically, it’s for designers, builders, lenders, realtors, appraisers, real estate investors, and developers. ADUs...
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Kol Peterson


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